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The new spirit of the left bank

Located in the heart of Saint-Germain des Près, the 5 * hotel with spaces recently renovated by "Rouge Absolu" imposes elegance with a playful and warm design.
The sofa and armchair fabrics were signed by local publishers, such as Osborn and Little. Two Silvera bubble chairs set the tone with a decor featuring Macassar Eboni wood alcoves.

Consider the materials; breathe a continuity of before and after. This relationship between a preexisting substance and the added one, delivers transformation and new becoming. This modification does not consist in replacing but in making appear and reveal "the poetics of a space"…

These three women artists, who "reinterpret" the real and the material, propose with strength and softness a revelation of colors and light in the reception areas of the Bel Ami hotel whose direction’s spirit supports the artistic creation contemporary.


An art & experience driven boutique hotel
bel ami lobby-3205_FA
bel ami lobby-3177_FA
Public spaces by interior designer Géraldine Prieur

Géraldine Prieur signed with an audacious spirit, Modern Tie and Dye. An eye like a mirror XXXXL circled by chrome, reflected the fibration of the place, the fabrics for the sofa, the armchair, has signed by local editors, like Osborn and Little, one can contemplate the shelves of the great library with a eclectic book collection, or read in the light of one of the gold Attolo de Vico Magistretti. 

As you enter by the Bel Ami Bar, two SIlvera bubble armchairs set the tone featuring a decor favoring the wooden alcoves of Macassar Eboni. 

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Bel-ami-0516-21451_retoucheFA copie
Bel Ami- Chambre Deluxe
Bel-ami-0516-21413_retoucheFA copie
The new rooms by interior designer Pascal Allaman

It is to Pascal Allaman that has been entrusted the recent renovations of three of the four floors of the hotel. The decorator has thus designed all the furniture in the rooms : the desk, the bedside tables in natural oak dressed in an orange lacquered glass tray . The spirit of the rooms is a very graphical concept in reference to the calligraphy and to the former printing company house which now houses the Bel Ami. “I wanted to create an ergonomic space reminiscent of sliding Japanese panels,” specifies Pascal Allaman. 

Ikat ethnic patterns (a technique from the Odisha region in India) by Dedar contribute to recapture the avant-garde spirit of Saint-Germain-des-Prés in the Fifties. They form a whole with the motifs of the carpet, which are inspired by the paintings of the period, notably those of Suzanne Vignier.

bel ami lobby-3190_FA (1)
Artists in lobby & Bel Ami Bar


Florence Bamberger was inspired by the spirit of this Design and the new decoration to create specifically for the spaces two new works of abstract compositions: collage, gouache, and collage in harmony with the brown, blue and white tones of the hotel.


Lauren Collin, well known for her refined work of carved paper "bas reliefs", offers two works with golden scales in harmony with the large wooden panels that dialogue with the beautiful Kingsugi (carved and painted polystyrene) and Haiku (resin to the gold leaf) from FAZ.


FAZ, observes and inspires as Lauren nature and its surroundings to retranscribe the oscillatory movements, the visible waves by traces that leave the wind, the water in the sand, the earth or the snow. She superimposes and restores meaning to the material by making it "visible

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